When ANTIFA abuses activism to mask a true intention.

Over the last few months there’s been chaos across the internet when it comes to the far left and right. Both seem to be constantly at war with each other and some of it is getting out of control. So, we decided to investigate….

We chose our hometown of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Within the ranks of local media outlets, university professors and the LBGTQ/Gay/Lesbian community we have found out that many of them are part of local activism work including ANTIFA. These individuals have even went as far as doxxing innocent people who help the community and save lives.

Every city across the country is witnessing the homeless rates grow with a continued need for mental health and addictions assistance due to the opiate epidemic. Local community members have come out and helped the homeless, feed the hungry and get people to stop using needles and opiates. These same individuals are out there every week picking up used needles and discarded garbage that addicts leave lying around, which has caused a public safety concern that our city officials refuse to address.

The local patrons who’ve been helping our community and trying to do their best to assist our growing homeless population are the ones under attack by so called professionals who hide behind a screen and “dox” innocent individuals doing good deeds. Doxxing has become an everyday tactic by ANTIFA to accuse others of being Nazi’s. Recently however, ANTIFA has been getting extreme criticism for their antics. Openly admitting to and using violence, lying to courts and police, harassing and defaming people online that has cause many to lose their jobs due to this criminal harassment. Which brings us to why this article is written.

Sudbury is a special kind of place with tonnes of great history. There’s a part of Sudury’s history which refers to old Communism and also a KKK group. Over the decades, the city has changed to a multicultural city which hosts folks from all corners of the earth. Then we have ANTIFA. The members operating this known domestic terror group are actually part of the local gay/lesbian community and a couple of them are professors at Thornloe/Laurentian Universities. Some members are also working within the front lines of harm reduction services which are criticized for handing out crack pipes, meth rigs and needles to young kids. Our community is outraged that the local politicians and police allow an illegal safe injection site to operate beside a playground and living area of Louis Street.  There’s no care to respect the surroundings where children are playing with addicts continuing to discard and use openly.

There’s a local group saving lives with cannabis who’ve achieved success in 18 months with 45 candidates and 39 who yet since touched a needle.  This group took a different approach and tossed a bag of discarded needles on the counter of the health unit which everyone including ANTIFA had a hay day to cry over. We reviewed the video and the bag was not thrown at the administrator working at the health unit counter, It was thrown on the counter. This event happened due to countless public outcries (that we’re left unanswered)  for the city and the health unit to do something about all the used, exposed needles laying around. People like to mislead others with non-factual rhetoric to make themselves feel better such as local members of ANTIFA.

There’s so much video evidence in Sudbury when it comes to events held by local activists. Take Sudbury Pride who had members on a panel discussing LGBTQ freedoms and successes to tell their stories and share it with others. Instead we witness 1 individual talk about ANTIFA views trying to recruit people to their cause masking it with gay/lesbian sexual activism. This has been a trend in Sudbury. The same people operate within it’s group to create a anti-racist sudbury site and use Twitter as it’s backbone to post with.  What’s disgusting about all this is these individuals use racism as a veil to assault others online with slanderous articles just because they don’t like them, or they don’t agree with their views or politics.  There’s nothing on their platform that presents ways to resolve anti-semetism, racism etc .. it’s just slanderous garbage ruining peoples lives and putting them in danger.

Recently Sudbury Pride used it’s platform to say that far right groups are attacking members of their community. Thing is, it’s members of their board and team that’s running the “anti-fascist” website attacking others online. A member of the local Green Party is involved, members of the NDP are involved and we ask ourselves why is this happening? It’s happening because people put a stop to safe injection sites, people put a stop to many nonsense programs that continue to enable the opiate epidemic in our city. Our sources tell us that the local Public Health Unit and Sudbury Action Center for Youth got their applications denied by the Province for a safe injection site and they’re now lobbying the Trudeau government to go over Ford’s head.

Five years ago the city of Sudbury had a needle distribution with numbers as 15,000 needles out per year. Five years later our city distributes 2.3 million needles. No treatment centers in sight with an eyesore of an old hospital on Paris street. Disgusting.

Those who rebel against the local harm reduction organizations have been attacked by members working within the walls of harm reduction which many are ANTIFA. It’s gone as far that members of the LGBTQ who are professors at universities are accusing people of being far right when they have no proof other than an internet link with factless research and Wikipedia (which anyone can edit dontcha know?!)  One professor claimed he did intensive direct ethnographic research but forgot to mention that there was NO direct research with the groups he claimed he’s researched. Yet this man along with a Green Party of Ontario EDA member post that the gay/lesbian community are being attacked by members of the far right when it’s simply untrue. The truth is folks, the people making the claims of being attacked are the ones slandering innocent people and local business owners on a anti-racist website masked under that context.

Doxing is a form of criminal harassment and is considered illegal in some countries. Doxxing non-factual information however becomes a entirely bigger problem for everyone involved.


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