Soldiers of Odin “Sudbury”

Over the recent years, Soldiers of Odin have formed a chapter in the Greater Sudbury Area, This chapter prides itself to help their community such as volunteering at the local soup kitchen, picking up needles discarded throughout the city, and assisting the homeless with various donations. We’ve been paying close attention to this group because the far left has constantly been labeling them a hate group and antisemitic or anti-immigration which is purely untrue.

The truth is, the far left has done nothing to help their communities other than dox local businesses, local professionals and innocent by-standards with false allegations of racism when it doesn’t suit their views. What caught our attention is the fact that SOO aka Soldiers of Odin at one point put in so much volunteer time at the soup kitchen that the local ANTIFA’s called and harassed the soup kitchen, used the local press to attack a great group of people helping others. The deal made with ANTIFA and the soup kitchen was if SOO got kicked out, ANTIFA would step in to replace these awesome volunteers. That in fact lasted 2 months and not 1 member of ANTIFA honored their word.

So we did some investigating on Sudbury’s Pride/Fierte, ANTIFA, Sudbury Action Center for Youth and the local politicians and media endorsing these far left individuals. What we found was absolutely disgusting. A local man Eric Cashmore, charged not once, not twice but 3 times as a sexual predator, yet the local crown gave this man a pass. Sudbury Pride/Fierte had this man on their board and continue to endorse him at Reseau. This man should not be near kids yet the local politicians think it’s ok according to MPP Jamie West and France Gelinas. We’ve also had people tell us their stories about their experiences at Zig’s Bar which is Sudbury’s LGBTQ hang out. Many young ladies we’re drugged via spiked drinks and taken advantage of by members of ANTIFA who are also on the Sudbury Pride / Fierte board. At this time we’ve declined to name individuals as per requests of those submitting their experiences.

To conclude, Anti-Racist Sudbury aka ARS as we call them are using a name that’s a registered business which isn’t theirs. Therefore illegally using a business to slander others. These people are backed by individuals who think pedophilia should be legalized according to their online trolls such as Tdub, Dan Taylor, Mike Harris, Mike Whitehouse, James Tregonning, Ryan Wildgoose, Laurel OGorman, Tina Fay, Joel Boivin, Kayla Pelland, Ricardo Duschene, Shawn McLaren, Gary Kinsmen, John Clarke, Robert McCarthy, Matt Labonte, Nick Pitt, Eric Heikkala, Alex Tetriault, Elizabeth Davis, Angela Gemmell of the CBC, Jp Grenier, George Stephen, Zack Simmons, Joel Mackey, Larsen Heinonnen, Brian Bigger, Eric Labelle, Evie and Tammy owners of Zigs, Dan Carnovale, Mark Browning and Jessica Nadel.

We’d like to include the entire list, however there’s so many names on it that QAnon would probably want to know. Therefore if you want the complete list of ANTIFA members. Pride members who support pedophiles, you can simply email us.

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