Today we divulge ourselves with all the information regarding Anti-Racist Sudbury dot com. This site is far from what our movement is all about. From what we’ve experienced with that group is nothing more than continued hate for others. So let’s get into the details: illegally uses it’s name to personally attack others in their city. AntiracistSudbury is actually owned by Jason LaFace/LaFauci who’s effortly been working with law enforcement to have them stop using his business name illegally even after a cease and desist was given to them.

2.AntiRacistSudbury are members of Sudbury’s Action Center, Sudbury Public Health and Sudbury Pride. These people consist of Tina Fay, James Treggonning, Steve May, Laurel O’gorman, Ryan Wildgoose, Trevor B Trottier, Stan Weatherbee, Callie Weatherbee, Eric Cashmore, Joel Boivin, Erik Heikkela, James Brady, Drew Alana, Dan Taylor, Shala Gagnon, Reba Twain, Adam Hartmann, Quartz Auzene, Mike Harris, Mike Whitehouse and Chris Gibson. These people are all part of Sudbury’s local ANTIFA who’ve been pushing their message of communism within presentations at Pride events.

3.AntiracistSudbury has been also trying to work with AntiHate Canada who also uses their sites to personally attack and destroy the lives of working class people who do not share the same views. In essence, who are they to dictate how a person should live? Isn’t that what the Nazi’s did themselves in World War 2? Antiracistsudbury or ARS as we’ve come to call them are nothing but haters themselves who hate on the less fortunate.

4.Eric Cashmore of Sudbury Pride/Anti Racist Sudbury: We pulled this from the Sudbury Star’s website:

On Aug. 6 of 2017, Cashmore was driving a van in the city’s South End when he stopped and talked to two young teen males. He showed the teens a photograph of a naked woman, told them she was coming to town and asked if they wanted to join him in having sex with her. Cashmore also asked the pair if they were circumcised and what kind of underwear they had on.

Cashmore failed to entice the teens into his van and was arrested a short time later on Regent Street.

Then on Sept. 16, 2018, a Ramsey Road woman called police about 3:45 a.m. to report that a man was looking into her home through the windows. Investigating officers arrested Cashmore a short time later in the area.

On Wednesday, Cashmore, 34, who completed five drug addiction programs since December including one offered locally by Monarch, pleaded guilty to communicating with a male minor for the purpose of obtaining sexual services for consideration, and trespassing at night.

When we exposed this story, ARS aka Antiracistsudbury began the attacks on Jason and his colleagues because they simply questioned the ethics of the Chief of Greater Sudbury Police and the Mayor of Greater Sudbury for giving Eric apparent community honors. At the end of the day Eric the pedophile gets a slap on the wrist because he’s buddies with the Chief and Mayor. Guess the leadership in Greater Sudbury endorse pedophilia because the crown attorney sure loves making deals with them and the judges release them.

Even local reporters such as Mike Whitehouse turned around and attacked those who raised concerned stating that Eric has rehabilitated himself. Our understanding is a pedophile rehabs in 3 months then all is ok? Eric now works with local youth with his new initiatives which by right he shouldn’t even be near a kid.

5.Antiracistsudbury continues to use people to do their dirty work such as emailing companies with many fake accounts attacking locals who’ve been helping the less fortunate of Greater Sudbury.

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury calls the police on people who feed the homeless with accusations of hate protests?

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury used many of their team members to report fake concerns to public health and greater sudbury bylaw to prevent others to feed the homeless.

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury members who work within harm reduction have given needles to 12 year olds? Also partly responsible for the deaths of local youths who got needles from a youth center they work at called Sudbury Action Center for Youth.

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury has members on their team involved with the distribution and sale of opiates such as purple fentanyl, speed tabs and laces cocaine with carfentanyl. We’ve even got information that some of the “Blue Coats” from Sudbury Action Center for Youth have been selling loaded syringes to addicts and giving addicts 3 times the amount of needles and telling them to discard them on the ground so they can justify their safe injection site.

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury members are responsible for the lost of employment of Paul Tereshyn of Royal Lepage after they used multiple fake accounts to attack Royal Lepage and accuse Paul of being a racist. They took a comment out of context manipulated it then used it against him to have him fired.

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury had David Labarerres a Laurentian University professor fired simply because he used scientific analogies during the Black Lives Matters wave of nonsense which again they used multiple fake accounts and attacked Laurentian University to have him step down over this tweet:

Did you know? Antiracist Sudbury has been personally attacking almost every crafter within the cannabis industry in Greater Sudbury with lies. They personally have a hate on for Jason LaFace/LaFauci making false claims and lies about him. Jason is an outspoken community leader who basically takes no shit from anyone. Antiracist Sudbury attacked all his friends to destroy Jason’s life because Jason owns all his own businesses and really doesn’t answer to anyone. They emailed and messaged so many people stating that Jason and his wife threw needles at a nurse which is not true. They’ve accused him of ripping off musicians which is completely untrue after we investigated the details. They accuse Jason of being a racist simply because he made a post which was political asking for Trudeau to be arrested and hung for treason. In the past in Canada, many have used the term arrested and hung for treason as a contextual/rhetoric saying out of slang. But again, Antiracist Sudbury seems to think they’re dictators and mothers to everyone that what they say and delegate is what goes.

Antiracist Sudbury is a group of individuals who do anything to destroy the lives of others. The last time a group tried to expose them, they ran to Jamie West of the NDP and cried to the CBC stating that far right hate groups we’re attacking the LGBTQS2+ community when in fact the group was exposing Eric Cashmore for being a pedophile. When it comes to Soldiers of Odin which is a known hate group out of Finland, there’s been much controversy regarding Jason Laface/LaFauci’s involvement. Jason and the Sudbury chapter all decided to close the group and not look back. They’ve acknowledged that the name was not something they wanted to keep and in fact every member has went on their own ways doing good deeds for the community of Sudbury. A note here: Years ago local chapter of Soldiers of Odin volunteered religiously at the soup kitchen and would do anything to help the homeless, however members of ANTIFA, Pride Sudbury called multiple times to have them thrown out because of the name of their club. It doesn’t matter what anyone does, Anti Racist will make up lies about anyone helping others at any cost without even caring about how they’ve destroyed peoples lives.

Now before we go, there’s much division going across the globe in regards to COVID19. We all know the government is somewhat lying to everyone by forcing people to wear masks yet everyone’s in stores playing with the food supply and other nonsense stuff. So we wanted to expose the very last thing here, MAD aka Mother’s Against Distancing which is headed up by Chris Socaccia reached out to Jason and his team regarding a rally Jason wanted to host about human trafficking, opiates and the homelessness that’s growing across his city. CTV decided to put out a article slamming Chris and MAD without contacting Jason about his rally to ask what it was about. Chris and Rob Carbone offered to give Jason their support and speak at his rally however due to the threats online they cancelled. The day of the event, Antiracist Sudbury and members of BLM came out and defaced city property calling for the death of Chris, using words like “cunt” yet this is a movement that promotes inclusiveness? BLM is a hate group in Sudbury which at that rally proved itself to be 100%.

We are the real antiracist sudbury group here waiting for law enforcement to act against the other group who continuously attack others and mask themselves with political movements they play little part of. Using these movements as excuses to create divisional hatred within Greater Sudbury. They are guilty of continued criminal harassment and other criminal offences.

Antiracist Sudbury, Antifa Sudbury, Pride Sudbury have created division across Greater Sudbury with attacks on local professionals and community members helping the less fortunate. They attack and refuse to help the community to make it a better place to live in. What’s even more sad is Brian Bigger the Mayor of Greater Sudbury and Chief Pedersen endorse this behavior.

Written by: Saci Rizzuto

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Anti-Racist Canada

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